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Quiter Thanks State Senate for Defeating Overreaching Sheriffs’ Legislation

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Quiter Thanks State Senate for Defeating Overreaching Sheriffs’ Legislation

Akshar & Sheriffs Should Stand With Community, not “Stand Up Against.”

MOUNT UPTON, NY (July 28, 2020) – A recent proposal by the New York Sheriff’s Association recommended harsher penalties for “crimes targeting police.” State Senator Akshar and other Senate Republicans brought forward nine bills in line with the proposal, but yesterday State Senate Democrats  struck them down. It is the opinion of Thomas Daniel Quiter, the candidate vying to beat Akshar in November, that current laws give the police sufficient ability to perform their duties. Any new proposals to give law enforcement even broader discretion and make penalties more excessive, no matter their stated intent, will only drive a deeper wedge between the police and their communities.
Thomas believes his opponent’s support of this legislation is misguided. Akshar has no solutions to the grief and fear of his community, only strong-handed policies based on mistaken premises. Thomas instead believes in an approach to law enforcement that places officers beside those in their community, not above them. He is an advocate for responsible policing and has been outspoken against police abuse of power.

Recently, Thomas attended the People’s Protection March in Binghamton, and he will be attending the marches in Norwich and Owego later in the week. Thomas welcomes all in the area to join him in listening to the experiences of community members and in protesting against police brutality and for police accountability.
“On Sunday, I joined a heartbroken and terrified community. They spoke sensibly of their rights, the fact that public servants should work for us, and that the streets belong to the community,” Quiter stated. “They encouraged voluntary actions to assist their neighbors as they read out the divisive package coming from the Sheriff’s Association. I am grateful that the State Senate struck down the proposed legislation, and sided with communities – the communities that our sheriffs and police are tasked to protect.”
Thomas believes that the animosity towards police will not subside until law enforcement officers and legislators, including Mr. Akshar, listen to and work together with their communities to address their pressing concerns with today’s policing. In reference to the proposed legislation, a local Sheriff implied that legislators and police must “stand up against” their communities. Thomas instead thinks we should all stand together.
Thomas Daniel Quiter is the challenger for New York State Senate in District 52. He is a lifelong advocate for people living with disabilities, and has himself lived with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III. He consistently defied the expectations of medical experts, and he plans to defy the expectations of political experts in November when he defeats Fred Akshar. He has served as Vice President of a non-profit cooperative, and is now a board member of the Catskill Center for Independence.
If you would like to contact Thomas for further comment or questions, please email press@tomfor52.com.

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