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Childcare Policy


One of the most difficult obstacles for parents, especially single mothers, is navigating how their children are cared for while accommodating their work schedule. In addition to the cost of daycare being incredibly high, there is great concern regarding the availability of quality care. This includes the lack of coverage for parents who work nights and during times that traditional day care and school is off. We will facilitate the creation of community daycare options run by non-profit organizations or even local neighborhood parents or families that provide day care services for childcare. In this scenario, the non-profit or community or family daycare will not be bound by nearly as many expensive requirements and regulations that current traditional childcare facilities are bound by. These requirements include everything from special licensing to having special premises for daycare. These requirements prevent community programs and often price out low income parents. Of course, traditional childcare options will still be available for those who prefer it.

This arrangement works especially well for lower-income families and / or those in which parent(s) only work part-time or have a non-typical schedule. On a day off work, the parent could volunteer to help watch the other parents’ children at the community daycare option while being able to bring their own kids along. This allows parents to spend time with their own children while also helping meet the care needs of other parents in their communities. This will also make it easier for parents to find childcare solutions on days off of school or during times when traditional childcare is not available.

These low cost, and in many cases, free community daycare options will make going to work more affordable for women and even single fathers by offering them greater flexibility in pursuing the career they have chosen. Long career pauses that have often hindered career prospects will no longer be necessary. Additionally, parents will have the freedom to return to work when they are ready.