Tom for NY-52

Tom’s Positions on our Pressing Issues

It’s time to get the New York government out of the way so local businesses and residents can survive and help one another.

Our small, local farmers are struggling at the hands of excessive regulation. We will level the playing field, allowing them to survive and providing a base for economic stability in the Southern Tier.

Tom has lived with disabilities his entire life and knows from firsthand experience how the state gets in the way of the disabled being able to live their lives to the fullest.

Both New York and the Federal Government have bungled the response to the coronavirus pandemic, costing countless lives. We need a Libertarian approach to stop the virus in its tracks.

New York’s assault on the right to defend oneself and loved ones has harmed many New Yorkers, especially people of color and others who aren’t confident in the ability of police to protect them. Tom will protect the right of self-defense under the Second Amendment so that New Yorkers can again feel safe in their homes.

Albany has stalled for too long on letting New Yorkers purchase the cannabis products they need. We need a Senator who understands that our state will be healthier when the government gets out of the way of the cannabis market.

New York’s healthcare system is a corporatist nightmare that combines all the greed of the private sector with all the inefficiency of the public sector. We need to liberate the healthcare market from the control of both.

Our state’s education system has been stagnant for years. My plan will allow students, teachers, and school districts to have far more options than currently available.

Lack of access to childcare is a huge burden on working class people. Luckily, there’s a way to enable communities to provide childcare without having to increase taxes.

For too long, the mismatch between the good intentions of many cops and New York State’s incredibly broken justice system has allowed for a culture of police brutality and racial discrimination to flourish in the Empire State. We need comprehensive criminal justice reform to change that.

As a strong supporter of individual rights, Thomas Quiter proudly stands with the LGBTQ community and with the inspiring progress that New York has made on its treatment of LGBTQ individuals.

Tom believes that local governments should have local autonomy wherever possible. New York state frequently subverts local autonomy in ways that increase tax people’s tax burdens such as PILOTS and unfunded mandates. This must stop.