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“I Made The News!”

I made the news. Check out both the Youtube link of the broadcast and the online article!

Our local economies are extremely important to our communities’ ability to offer in-community support to those with disabilities hoping to live in assisted independent living situations. This includes 42.8% of the population at age 65. We saw NY imperil the elderly, those with disabilities, and our economy through the government overreach of power in the emergency legislation enacted due to COVID-19. Treating those with disabilities, some of our loved ones, was deprioritized. Distilleries were not allowed to manufacture sanitizer and Remington was not allowed to manufacture ventilators. Our governor reacted by seeking to seize ventilators from upstate facilities by force – and my opponent in turn *BEGGED* him not to, after he was absent from the initial vote.

Long before COVID-19, the office of advocacy for those with disabilities ceased to function when the Justice Center reorganized. Our communities need a functional form of advisement to the governor in this regard. NYAIL (New York Assisted Independent Living) writes the governor an annual letter that falls on deaf ears for exactly that. Other states have something similar and they work – I’ve worked with them before.

Healthcare is economically driven and when the economy fails, so will healthcare. This is why we saw the layoffs in our healthcare system during a pandemic. Bolstering our economy will improve our healthcare systems long oppressed by our governor’s actions. 

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