Tom for NY-52

I’m asking you to support my campaign and put me everywhere on everything.

Now you can get your very own Tom For 52 Merch with fan memes printed on it! Feel free to use these memes on your social media while you wait for your delivery.

Are you the meme-iest memester of all the meme lords?

During the first 14 days of every month you can submit up to 10 memes including a photo and quote from my website or social media to memes@tomfor52.com. Include a sentence giving me permission to use them and one of your memes could end up all over my merch! One winner per month will receive a free bumper sticker made with their meme and recognition on this page. A suggested minimum resolution of 2500 pixels is recommended for application to merchandise. Bootleg Libertarian and Mrs. Cajun Libertarian get the credit for these!

*All store purchases are processed by Proud Libertarian.