Tom for NY-52

Improving the Economy of NYS

Upstate New Yorkers were struggling before COVID. Now, in the midst of COVID, there is  rampant unemployment and small business has been decimated. Meanwhile, major corporations and the well-connected have been deemed “essential” and allowed to thrive. It’s time to make it easier to find work and help revitalize small businesses so that they can compete with mega-corporations.

Occupational Licensure Reform

New York has oppressive occupational licensing laws that keep people, especially low-income individuals and people from marginalized communities, out of work. These laws create expensive and difficult barriers to entry in the market, to the benefit of special interests and to the detriment of hard working New Yorkers. To solve this, Tom will:

Level the Playing Field for Local Business

Cottage industry, small businesses, co-ops, and self-employed individuals face regulatory burdens intended to protect us from abuses by major corporations. However, these burdens cost money to comply with that many small businesses don’t have. To fix this, Tom will:

Reduce Burdensome Taxation

The Cuomo tax “reform” that my opponent supported didn’t fix our broken tax system, which kills small businesses and makes it difficult for all residents to thrive. We will cut spending and in turn cut income tax. In order to cut spending, Tom will eliminate large tax-payer subsidized “job programs” like the Buffalo Billion, that consistently underperform. Tom will eliminate unfunded mandates to allow municipalities to reduce property taxes.