Quiter for Senate

About Thomas Daniel Quiter, Candidate for NYS Senate

Tom Quiter has been a fighter all his life. Diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Type II, he has beaten projected life expectancies, survived thousands of skeletal fractures, as well as the barriers, both physically and bureaucratically, that millions of Americans with disabilities face. He did it all while helping his family run their small farm in Sidney, New York.

Tom is actively involved in assisting peers directly to being the Vice President of a non-profit cooperative. He has been a member of the Mount Upton Lions Club, volunteered for the Women’s Auxiliary to support our local Fire Department, and is currently a board member of the Catskill Center For Independence. Helping the community is his passion.Tom believes that communities, not state or federal governments, can provide the best assistance for those in need. As a grateful recipient of a crowdfunded wheelchair, he gives any time he can back to those who need help: from peer counseling, to volunteer work, to helping individuals meet their own needs. Tom is deeply immersed in the challenges facing the communities of Senate District 52, including protecting 2nd amendment rights, support for small businesses dismantled by coronavirus shutdown, and the plight of farming communities. For all who feel that they are battling alone, Tom will fight with you. He is ready to be the advocate who knows the southern tier and will fight to keep its best interests at the heart of all his work.

Tom’s favorite saying is, “help someone today and be able to live with yourself tomorrow.” He is ready to help you every day as your next State Senator. Please show your support for Tom and his message by visiting our site, signing up for campaign updates, talking to your friends and family about Tom, and donating if possible.