Quiter for Senate

For Actual Solutions Vote Tom Quiter

Now is the time to fix New York.

It is no secret that New York is “the bureaucracy state.” Our state systems have so much administrative overhead regulated into them that their cost compared to their value is absurd. We need the opportunity, the right, to seek innovative new solutions and to fix our own problems. Thomas believes in the people of New York, he believes in the people of district 52. A good friend of his tells everyone “you are the power“ and to New York, to district 52, Thomas says “you are the solution.“ Thomas seeks to remove burdensome regulatory waste within all of our systems to free the resources of our people and their communities. He believes the government is in the way and he believes in you.

Agricultural lessons from a crisis.

District 52 and many like it have a lot of agricultural land going unused and over taxed. We need to utilize our resources, take advantage of our own potential, and do everything we can to unrestrain small farms. Securing our food system through a local supply without removing safety standards would increase our local economy, give our hard-working farmers easier lives, and allow for better products to be sold at better prices.Thomas believes his “New York fresh” program can do just this.

A plan for our sustainable future.

Thomas envisions new opportunities for New York. He believes districts like the 52nd have the ability and potential to produce high-value products that are in demand. Seeking to remove hurdles from entry to the workforce while reducing similar hurdles for small businesses to gain a foothold once again, Thomas looks to wipe the muck from the slate and clarify the path to our goals. Let us put 2020 and COVID-19 behind us and strive to re-open the over 100,000 small businesses that are closed in New York. Our residents deserve lives that are livable, affordable, and enjoyable.